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Modern Bed Punto

Modern Bed 

The deluxe Bed-Plus features an advanced inner-spring mattress, a raising head "Back Up" mechanism, decorative stitching, soft front panel, orthopedic support, and a super easy lifting mechanism to access the storage bin underneath. Sizes available: (3.9"x6.6"),(4.3"x6.6"),(4.6"x6.6"),(4.9"x6.6")

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Bed Plus: This deluxe Bed-Plus includes as advanced spring mattress with missing Head Back-up Mechanism, decorative stitching soft front panel, orthopedic support and a super-easy lifting mechanism, to access the bed slow-away bin.
More details: For details please visit link Mattress Details on bottom this page
Info: The prices are not including table,pillows or any other external products.
Sizes: (3.9"x6.6"),(4.3"x6.6"),(4.6"x6.6"),(4.9"x6.6")
Delivery: Continental USA
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